About Us

The mountains have a profound ability to make us feel alive.  Colorado Mountain School exists to share the power of the mountains with adventurers who want to learn and explore.

We are more than a collective of guides.  We’re a family of top-notch educators and mentors who care about your progression in the mountains, and in life.  We’re dedicated to experiences that are educational, fun, challenging, and life-changing at times.  We’re your partners who push you to go a little higher and a little farther—purely for the joy of discovering what’s over the next ridge.

We believe that what you accomplish is less important than how you accomplish it. As a result, we are industry leaders in:

  • Stewardship, treasuring and caring for our world’s magnificent landscapes
  • Professionalism, hiring only the most qualified staff, guides, educators, and mentors
  • Quality of Life, generously supporting and caring for our staff, guides, and customers

Colorado Mountain School was founded in Estes Park, Colorado in 1981. Since then we’ve built a reputation on tens of thousands of days skiing, climbing, mountaineering, and teaching in our backyard—the spectacular Colorado Rockies—and across the globe in other world-class mountain ranges. Our team is highly trained and curates internationally respected courses and trips. CMS is Colorado’s largest mountain guide company, an accredited guide service of the American Mountain Guides Association, and the country’s #1 AIARE avalanche course provider.

To ignite passionate living through mountain education and adventure.

We Believe in Challenge & Adventure.
The mountains are forces for change. Adventure, challenge, fun, and humble awe remind us how alive and connected we are to the natural world.

We Believe in Community.
The mountains unite us. Our passion for exploring and learning is the foundation for trust,
teamwork, and lifelong friendships.

We Believe in the Environment.
The mountains deserve our care. Alpine terrain is both magnificent and fragile. As mindful
visitors, we treasure and care for our world’s spectacular landscapes.

We Believe in Professionalism.
The mountains command reverence. At times it’s sunny and warm; other times nature is
unforgiving. With this in mind, we hire only the most respected and qualified professionals as guides, educators, and mentors.

We Believe in Quality of Life.
The mountains reward us in many ways. We continue that tradition by ensuring our family of customers, guides, and staff are generously supported and cared for. Strengthened by happy and fit climbers and skiers, we are constantly forging a purpose-driven company that will evolve and endure for generations to come.