Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us:

“Wanted to give a big thanks to CMS for always being very responsive and incredibly accommodating.  Your customer service has been a major factor in my wanting to work with CMS and their awesome guides time and again.” —CMS Client Brian

“I want to commend Bob Chase and Sarah Janin for their extraordinary professionalism and competence while guiding my climb up Long’s Peak via the North Face on August 27, 2019.  Throughout the entire climb they exhibited incredible patience, support of my efforts, teamwork, and attention to safety.  Although I have trained with Bob for some time, as well as with Sarah and two of your other excellent guides (Bernardo Beteta and Ryan Pedersen), none of us knew how well, at the age of 84, I would tolerate the altitude, as well as the stress associated with climbing for 16 hours.  But they worked with me, had faith in me, and we finally pulled it off.  Also, I want to give special recognition to Bob for the flawless manner in which he planned, organized and executed the entire project.  While I have climbed in Patagonia (Torres del Paine), climbed seven fourteeners in my younger days, and participated in two treks in the Himalayas years ago, nothing compares with this mountaineering experience.  You should be very proud of your guides and the quality experience they provided me.” —Mary Ann Paliani

“Just wanted to complement Adam on doing a great job being patient and kind.  We learned more from him in an afternoon then we did in all our wall climbing visits combined.  We would definitely recommend your company, and Adam in particular, he is a great asset!” —CMS Clients John and Abby

“I just finished my climbs here with the guidance of Russell Hunter and Ian Fowler, and I’d like to take a moment to mention how completely satisfied I was with the service they provided.
Not only did Russel and Ian do their utmost to ensure my safety, help me achieve my goals, and provide detailed climbing instruction, but they were both extremely personable and willing to go the extra mile to make my time here both a rewarding and fun experience.
As I began planning this adventure months ago, I could not have hoped for a better outcome, thanks in large part to these two outstanding guides.
Sincerely,” —CMS Client Wes

“Thanks for accommodating our somewhat non-traditional group. Bob and Andy were fantastic, and that does not come just from me but from each and every person in our group. Getting through three
days of instruction with an acute language barrier and having all of us come out with a great understanding of the topics taught is slightly amazing and it was due to Bob and Andy’s obvious professionalism and dedication. So, a big thumbs up from us here. We have already been touting the Colorado Mountain School as the way to go to other folks we have met.”
Thanks again.” —CMS Client Kurt

“Brent, we had an awesome trip and have shared your contact information with several friends that are interested in possibly pursuing some guided trips. You guys are knowledgeable, safe and professional and that made the trip all the more enjoyable.” —CMS Client Mike

“Just wanted to follow up to say we had an amazing two days with Russell– we really bonded with him and he did an awesome job working with three of us on a fairly long and epic day on Kor’s Flake. We had a great stay at CMS as well. On this trip, my Dad and I brought my climbing partner along for his first foray with CMS- he wants to come back to do lead and avalanche classes!” – CMS Client, Nik

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great day yesterday.  Eric was a great guide; both personal and competent. Great recommendation on the route as well as lunch afterward!  I would definitely look you guys up again if I’m in the area and would recommend to friends. Thanks.” – CMS Client, Rob

Spent this last week with First Descents and CMS, The Guides, Again, Little Bit, Double, Hans, (Bob Chase, Rainbow Weinstock, Mark Hammond, Andy Hansen)were absolutely amazing. I learned so much from these guys not only about mountain climbing but also about persistence and overcoming obstacles. They are the most professional, talented patient, skilled and fun people that I have met in many years.

The guides are just amazing (yes I am repeating myself) As I reflect on an awesome week of climbing in Moab UT, I keep coming back to what I learned from these guys, They have an absolute love and passion for what they do, and it comes out in the instruction and time and individual attention to each of the students separate skills sets. Everything they showed us was tailored to each student. (Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!)

I have always had a love of mountains and after this week I also have a great appreciation of them as well.

Thank you SO Much! – CMS Client (anonymous)

Great instructors and guides. We had a great Avalanche 1 class in Estes Park! – CMS Client Wade

“Hi, guys! I want to let you know how grateful I am to have had the three of you as my climbing guides this week. I didn’t really know what to expect. I got so much more out of this experience than I expected. You are all so amazing! You made me feel comfortable and able to easily trust you to get me up and down the mountain so that I was able to exceed my expectations of what I was able to accomplish! I had no idea that I would be so good or that I would truly like it so much. I appreciate your encouragement when I had doubts or freaked out a little, and your guidance on where to put my foot or hand when I was stuck on how to move forward. I tend to be cautious and overthink things but this week at the mountain, I decided to push these previous thoughts aside and have a new outlook, and I’m glad I did. I just kind of took a brief look at which route looked like fun to try and went for it, without thinking about it. Really not like me at all. I realized I don’t need to overthink things because fear will creep in to prevent me from making that first step. But once that first step is made, it’s just one step at a time to get to where I’m going. I learned I can trust my judgment and I can exceed my own expectations because that’s what happened this week. Thanks for helping to guide me and be part of this revelation. ” — CMS Client, Ashley M

“Last Monday, I had a great time with one of your guides, Ian Fowler, successfully climbing the Dragon Tail couloir near Mt. Hallet.  This was my first ice climb and I had never used crampons, ice ax, and harness and knew absolutely nothing about mountaineering.  At all times, I felt 100% safe with Ian.  He was very knowledgeable and experienced and was excellent at teaching me the basics of ice climbing.  On top of all of that, he was a fun person to be around.  My first ever ice climb was a positive experience and I look forward to many ice climbs in the future.  I highly recommend Colorado Mountain School as well as Ian Fowler as a personal Guide.” –CMS Client, T Merriman

“My experience is based on a long-term relationship with Colorado Mountain School beginning in 2006 and continuing thereafter.  During this 8 year period, I’ve regularly used CMS guides on my climbing outings and specialized classes, such as self-rescue.  All trips have been to current AMGA standards for safety, techniques and equipment, and mainly – fun!  Rock climbing is a complex endeavor, especially multi-pitch traditional climbing.  If you want to learn to do it correctly, safely and have fun in the process, you will not go wrong by using CMS guides.” CMS Client, T. Stocker

“I really cannot say enough good things about Joey and his guiding style. We had an amazing day out and I really appreciate his patience and ability to teach in a manner that suited my style. I had a specific goal in mind for the climb and he was very accommodating to pick the right day to make our climb happen. I learned a LOT, again, and will carry those lessons with me for the rest of my life. He has been involved in training me for some of the greatest days I have had in the backcountry (Nepal trip, Peru, Longs North Face, etc.) and I cannot express how valuable the time I have spent with him has been for me. I hope to get out again with him in the future. – CMS Client, D. Marks

“The summer of 2010 changed my life. I had the great fortune to meet Colorado Mountain School Head Guide, Mark Hammond, the first time I went rock-rocking. Although I was almost 53 the first time I put on a pair of climbing shoes, I found a passion for the sport like none other. Since then, I have been climbing with Colorado Mountain School innumerable times and Mark has been my guide, instructor and coach ever since. I have been thrilled at the progress I have made, and that is solely attributable to Mark’s coaching skills.  He has an innate ability to know when to encourage and when to challenge.  Mark is a skilled and dedicated professional and safety is always first.  Shortly behind that is fun!  Mark’s enthusiasm for the sport shows in everything he does and he gladly shares that with anyone who is interested. In case you can’t tell, I consider myself to be CMS’ #1 fan!! I mean every word in my testimonial.  My problem was toning it down!  You guys are the best!!”  – CMS Client, R. Browning

“Colorado Mountain School guides have a longstanding relationship with First Descents and really understand the mission. Year after year, we seem to get the same guides and they continue to deliver. I think what is also really cool, is the fact that they are looking to progress in what they do, even though they have this sport dialed. You can see that they push themselves to make the experience dynamic and original. The CMS guys are awesome. All in all, two thumbs up to those guys.” – First Descents Lead Camp Director, J. Anderson

“CMS did a great job helping me enjoy the delights of Estes Park climbing. I contacted them with only a few days notice and within a day I had a guide lined up. We climbed for 3 days on 3-star routes and managed to avoid the crowds too! Their combination of flexibility and professionalism is a winner.” – CMS Client, B. Stephenson (Calgary, Canada)

“I want to express the great experience I had with CMS and especially how great of a time I had with Joey Thompson. I admittedly was skeptical about hiring a guide to climb with, from fear of not being able to get the experience I was looking for.  However, getting linked up with Joey turned out to be fantastic.  I was very impressed by his professionalism and knowledge of all working facets of mountaineering and climbing. I am a firefighter who works with some rope rescue and after our full day of multi-pitch climbing, Joey took time to go over some self rescue systems and different techniques for safely securing fall victims.  I was extremely impressed with the wealth of knowledge he was able to provide and also the way he was able to teach it. I hope Joey is an example of all of your guides. He truly changed my mind on guided climbs and has definitely earned my return business which I will be setting up in the future.  I was extremely pleased and thankful for the rope rescue instruction. I will also relay this message on TripAdvisor and encourage folks to ask for Joey.  Thanks for the experience and for setting me up with an amazing guide.” CMS Client B. Hahn

“I cannot say enough good things about the Guides at CMS – the best outfitter I have worked with at First Descents thus far. They came to the lodge every night and made sure they were part of the experience. The campers accepted them into the group and they participated in every campfire. Their communication with me and [my co-leader] was excellent.” – First Descents Lead Camp Director, T. Barry