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Black Diamond Guide Glove

Growing up I spent a lot of time working in the yard with my father.  He taught me the importance of hard work, physical activity and being outside.  He also showed me the importance of a good set of work gloves.
Nowadays I make my livelihood as a guide, which means I need a good work glove for the harsh winter conditions I encounter six months out of the year.  There is no better glove than the Black Diamond Guide Glove for the intense work I do.

The Guide Glove is durable, a key element of a work glove.  With its all-leather design and reinforced palm it lasts many seasons before I need a new pair.  It is also very versatile, a key component for a simple person who likes one “do everything” piece of gear.  I use it skiing, ice climbing, digging in the snow and even on rock.  It is super warm yet supple enough to have the necessary dexterity for placing gear.   I can even write in my guide notebook without taking my gloves off, a huge plus when it is cold and windy!

My favorite feature is the removable inner liner which is essential for easy drying read this article.  I guide on Denali each spring and being able to easily dry my gloves each night is so important.  I just remove the inner liners and sleep with them on my belly.  In the morning I put my hands into dry and warm gloves.  For anyone spending multiple nights out in the mountains this is a critical need and the guide glove is the best.

With so much time spent outdoors in cold environments I need to have warm hands.  The Black Diamond Guide Glove is the best I have found to do the job.  I have never had any cold injuries and I believe this is because I have found the warmest and most durable glove out there. 

Who would have known all those weekends working in the yard would have prepared me for the work I do now.  Thanks Dad and thank you Black Diamond!

Russell Hunter
Colorado Mountain School Guide
2829 Mapleton Ave.
Boulder, CO 80301

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