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CAMP Storm Helmet Review

CAMP Storm Helmet Review. Jayson Simons-Jones Captures Image in Eldorado Canyon.

CAMP Storm Helmet Review. IFMGA Guide Mike Soucy and CAMP Helmets.

CAMP Storm Helmet

At Colorado Mountain School, we are big fans of CAMP/Cassin equipment. I’m going to take a bit of time in this review to first teach you something about the company. C.A.M.P. is an acronym, not just a random word associated with outdoor pursuits. Translated from Italian, it means “Conception of Articles for Mountaineering Made in Premana”.  That’s in Italy.

CAMP has four company pillars- Lightweight, Innovation, Value, and History.

Those things are important to us here at CMS, so we support them, and they us.

Fully disclosed, now on to this helmet. The CAMP Storm Helmet is the finest article of cranial protection that I’ve yet seen offered by CAMP. The Speed is great, but it doesn’t fit my head well unless it’s winter and I’ve got a hat on underneath. I love it for skiing, but often switched out in the summertime.

The Storm is now my year-round helmet. CAMP capitalized on the construction of the Speed 2.0 helmet- EPS foam with a Polycarbonate shell, and made it fit lower and more securely.

It offers great protection in a lightweight and durable package. It will not easily dent in your backpack or your luggage. Or when a chipmunk steps on it.

This helmet falls within 2.5 oz. of the lightest climbing helmet on the market, offers top-end protection, coverage, and fit. I was just climbing in it today, 80 degrees and humid, in Eldorado Canyon. The 22 ventilation holes kept me cool(ish) and comfortable.

It also has plenty of options for easy adjustability, headlamp clips already installed, and your choice of four cool colors!

There you have it, another great product from the folks at CAMP. I hope you learned something and you are psyched to go check out this great new product.


Written by: Colorado Mountain School IFMGA Guide Mike Soucy

Cassin Ice Tools. CAMP Helmet and IFMGA guide Mike Soucy.

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