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Colorado Mountain School teaches the American Avalanche Institute (AAI) recreational curriculum (in place of the AIARE curriculum).  The AAI curriculum is approved by the American Avalanche Association (A3) and sets a new standard for avalanche training in the United States.

Our avalanche training courses are packed with information and action, combining virtual classrooms and tons of field instruction to provide participants with a solid introduction to avalanche awareness and backcountry travel skills.

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Colorado Mountain School Adopts American Avalanche Institute Curriculum In Place of AIARE Course Curriculum

Colorado Mountain School and American Avalanche Institute (AAI) are currently under common ownership. Their curricula, courses, and customer service are fully coordinated as well. With this merger, Colorado Mountain School now teaches AAI avalanche training curriculum instead of AIARE (American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education) curriculum.

The American Avalanche Institute provides one the most successful professional and recreational avalanche training programs in the world. AAI’s recreational and professional level avalanche courses and curricula are fully approved by the American Avalanche Association (A3).

Combining the years of avalanche training expertise at the recreational and professional level allows CMS and AAI to deliver an elite roster of guides and professional avalanche instructors.

The two organizations have spent decades studying and teaching students about avalanches in Colorado, Tetons, Wasatch, and Sawtooth mountains. CMS and AAI combine their strengths to offer a unique program in the avalanche training landscape:

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