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Ice Climbing is the activity of climbing ice formations. These formations come in all forms including: icefalls, frozen waterfalls, rock slabs covered in ice, and cliff sides frozen with water. These formations can be man made and/or nature made. There are two types of ice climbing: Water Ice Climbing & Alpine Ice Climbing. Water Ice is usually found on cliff sides from liquid water flows and Alpine ice is generally found in the mountains and is frozen precipitation. Ice comes in all formations from soft to hard and the climbing grades differ from that of rock climbing. Mixed climbing is the combination of climbing both rock and ice.

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Access the mountains year-round by learning how to ice climb here in the Rocky Mountains. We offer beginner through advanced ice climbing courses for the progression of all ability levels. Our courses take place in world-class ice climbing venues like Rocky Mountain National Park, Vail, and Clear Creek Canyon. Just a short drive from Denver, Colorado,  these ice climbing destinations provide us access to a variety of different types of ice climbing in an unbeatable setting. We have access to cascading frozen waterfalls, narrow mountain couloirs filled with ice and snow, ice-covered rock slabs, and less committing smaller ice flows that are perfect for someone who’s just getting started.

We begin our climbers on a progression that can take you from learning how to swing an ice tool to climbing alpine ice objectives like Dream Weaver – a snow and ice-filled gash that ascends RMNP’s second-highest peak, Mount Meeker. We can hone your technical abilities to in include ice and mixed climbing (using your tools and crampons on rock) to tackle a classic alpine objective like All Mixed Up. Want to climb long waterfall ice routes? We’ll work with you to be ready for classic Vail objectives like The Fang and Rigid Designator.

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