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While the Colorado snowpack requires careful avalanche hazard evaluation, there is almost always great skiing and ski mountaineering to be found – if you know where to look.  A solid foundation in backcountry skiing or splitboarding opens up a lifetime of new terrain that’s far from the crowd and without a liftline in sight.  Join us for a lesson in backcountry skiing and discover what’s over that next alpine ridge.

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Tired of waiting in long lift lines and sitting in weekend traffic after a day of skiing inbounds? Avoid the crowds and gain better access the winter mountains by taking our splitboarding and backcountry skiing courses. Our courses provide a progression for every ability level and take place in beautiful alpine venues like Rocky Mountain Nation Park, just a short drive from Denver International Airport.

Our Intro to Backcountry Skiing & Splitboarding course gives the beginner backcountry skier and rider a baseline of skills to be able to go backcountry skiing on their own. We cover appropriate gear selection and use, and skills like making a skin track, traveling efficiently, winter mountain navigation, group management, and travel, and avalanche awareness and safety considerations.

You can work your way through our course progression with the goal of taking our Ski & Splitboard Mountaineering course, for advanced participants. You will learn how to access steeper, more exposed slopes and narrow couloirs using ice axes and crampons. You will learn how to use ropes to navigate over rock steps, rappel into big lines, and to add security for better access to objectives like the Elevator Shaft on Hallett Peak, or the Dead Elk Couloir on Flattop Peak. These courses are best taken in conjunction with, or after having completed an Avalanche Training Course.

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