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Pinnacle of Purpose

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  • Duration: All Pinnacle of Purpose fundraisers are custom-built to meet your team's needs.

Challenge your team with adventure fundraising and be part of the solution. The summit is optional but focusing your team for a common purpose is mandatory!

Don’t see a date and location that works for you? We offer custom guiding 365 days a year. 


Challenge yourself and your team by climbing a mountain and be a part of the greater solution through adventure fundraising. The summit is optional but focusing your team for a common purpose is mandatory! Pinnacle of Purpose advocates for access and opportunities for mountain adventures to under-resourced youth and people with disabilities. Proceeds support our non-profit partners Big City Mountaineers & Paradox Sports as tax-deductible contributions. Empower your team to embody commitment to teamwork, kindness, and social impact, on and off the mountain.

It is no accident that climbing mountains creates partnerships. These partnerships are notable for their length, breadth, and fortitude in and out of the hills. Our Pinnacle of Purpose programs facilitates this connection and deepens the teamwork towards a common goal by fundraising for a charitable cause. Experience the pinnacle of achievement through the thrill of climbing a mountain. Engage your team through focused action, motivating them to make a difference in someone else’s life. This harmonious combination deeply connects team members leveraging productivity, cohesiveness, compassion, mindfulness, and unity behind a common goal.

We offer two summit options: Longs Peak and The Flatirons. The peaks are different in nature, season, and commitment. Longs Peak is a high alpine summit best climbed late July through early September. Standing at 14,259 feet, Longs Peak is the crown jewel of Rocky Mountain National Park and features a variety of routes to the summit. Two of our favorite routes are The Keyhole, a thrilling trek that offers exciting exposure and stunning vistas, and The North Face, a classic moderate climb that offers seclusion and a short crux high over Chasm Lake. 

The Flatirons form the iconic backdrop to Colorado’s northern Front Range. Rock climbing routes for all abilities lead up large expanses of rock to an airy summit. Pause here to take in views of the high peaks, cities of Boulder and Denver, and the expansive eastern plains before rappelling down. Climbing the Flatirons is best from March through October.


How it works:

  1. Let us organize your fundraising adventure! Contact us today!
  2. We will advise you on fundraising strategies and options
  3. Choose a charitable cause from one of our non-profit partners
  4. Engage your team in adventure fundraising for a good cause
  5. Experience the thrill of climbing Longs Peak or The Flatirons

Team members will:

  • Push themselves 
  • Engage as a team
  • Experience victory and connection
  • Be compassionate leaders and followers
  • Provide access and opportunities for mountain adventures to under-resourced youth and people with disabilities
  • Contribute to inclusion and meaningful social impact
  • Talk about the experience for years to come

Results from our adventure fundraising experiences include:

  • Refreshed staff
  • Higher productivity levels
  • Team Cohesion
  • Compassionate leadership
  • Efficient communication
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Holistic understanding and problem solving
  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion

Sample Itinerary:

We work with your team individually to customize your fundraising adventure. However, we find the following itinerary affords a high level of success.

Longs Peak Climb Itinerary

Day 1: We will meet our team members, get outfitted with gear and head out to the rocks to work on skills and climbing technique for our Longs Peak climb. The day will end with final gear and food logistics so we can leave early the next morning.

Day 2: Start at the Longs Peak trailhead and hike toward to The Boulderfield (6+ miles). We’ll pitch camp, enjoy the views at 13,000 ft, eat dinner and prepare for the next day’s climb.

Day 3: Get an early start to climb Longs Peak via The Keyhole or North Face route. After the climb, we’ll pack up and head back to the trailhead.

Flatirons Climb Itinerary

Day 1: We will meet our team members, get outfitted with gear and head to the rocks! In a comfortable single pitch environment, we will learn and/or review basic rock climbing skills including tying into the rope, belaying, rappelling, and rock climbing movement skills.

Day 2: An early start and a warm-up approach will get us to the base of the Flatirons. From here, expect to be attached to a rope and in the vertical world for 4-6 hours. We will enjoy climbing in small teams, near one another and taking advantage of comfortable ledges for lunch and swapping stories. After enjoying the airy summit, we will cap the adventure with an a rappel from to the ground and hike back to the trailhead. Post-climb social activities and celebrations are encouraged!

Meeting location:

All programs are in convenient proximity to Denver International Airport, with each day meeting in either Boulder or Estes Park, Colorado.


Available upon request


Choose an industry-leading 501c non-profit partner to support:

Logo for Big City Mountaineers - one of Colorado Mountain School's adventure fundraising partners.

Big City Mountaineers partners with youth development agencies to reach youth from marginalized and traditionally under-resourced communities. Our unique curriculum provides youth with positive experiences in the outdoors, such as sleeping out under the stars, that have the power to transform their perspective on the world. Through professionally guided excursions that include one-on-one mentorship and life-skills development, youth learn to see themselves as more capable of taking on challenges and able to make a positive change in their own communities.

Young adventurers hike along a Colorado trail during an outdoor adventure program with Big City Mountaineers.


Logo for Paradox Sports - one of Colorado Mountain School's adventure fundraising charities.
Paradox Sports is a nonprofit organization in Boulder, Colorado that provides youth, adults and military veterans with physical disabilities the opportunity to rock and ice climb. Paradox Sports strives to make climbing facilities, parks, and open spaces more accessible by providing adaptive rock/ice climbing programs at National Parks and world-class climbing locations across the United States. As well, Paradox Sports delivers adaptive climbing training based on the first ever-adaptive climbing manual, written in 2015. Through its adaptive climbing programs, participants gain the self-confidence, skills, and independence to engage in the outdoors, access iconic landscapes, and belong to a community that provides camaraderie, support and overall well-being.

An ice climber swings his tool into the ice on an ice climbing adventure fundraiser with Paradox Sports.


All Pinnacle of Purpose fundraisers are custom-built to meet your team's needs.
Experience Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


  • AMGA trained and/or certified guide
  • Group climbing and mountaineering gear
  • Technical hardware
    • Climbing protection, carabiners, etc.
    • Ropes
    • Technical softgoods – slings, cordellette, etc.
  • Personal climbing gear
    • Harness
    • Helmet
    • Rock climbing shoes


  • Clothing, backpack and non-technical personal items
  • Park Entrance Fees (where applicable)
  • Rescue Insurance
  • Trip Insurance
  • Gratuity
  • Expenses due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Colorado Mountain School

Available Upon Request:

  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Catering

Longs Peak

Longs Peak a proud mountain. As the furthest north 14er in the Rocky Mountain Range its unique shape captures the imagination of Colorado’s front range corridor. The only 14er within Rocky Mountain National Park does not give itself up freely, as it has a 47% success rate. The mountain is our old friend. As the oldest mountain guide service in Colorado, one can trace our ascents of Longs Peak back decades. As the premiere mountain guiding service let our experience and expertise show. We can build you a successful itinerary and provide the industry’s most trained guides to ensure your safety, increase your odds of this elusive summit, and most importantly facilitate your teams purpose.

The Flatirons

Boulder’s “Flatirons” form the striking western backdrop to the urban corridor. The reddish-brown sandstone has made their impression on visitors for centuries. Once called the Chautauqua Slabs, they were renamed the Flatirons by a pioneering woman. The name and shape has stuck. You will see the distinguished profile as business logos, artwork, and on beer labels throughout the region.  Of the 1.8 million annual visits to see the Flatirons, only a fraction engage in the true experience of climbing one. With a foreboding facade, the Flatirons are actually gentle giants. Technical, but not difficult rock climbing up the large formations offer passages to the airy summits. Pause to take in the views, look down on small sightseeing airplanes, and be amongst the birds. This summit is a must do for residents and visitors of Colorado. The memories will timelessly meld with the iconic backdrop.


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