Canadian Rockies Waterfall Ice Climbing

Climb Ice in Canada

The World’s premier destination for waterfall ice climbing, this area boasts thousands of ice climbing routes for all experience levels.  The Canadian Rockies also have fantastic opportunities for mixed climbing. In fact, modern mixed climbing was both invented and perfected to its current level in the Canadian Rockies.

Canadian Rockies Waterfall Ice Climbing.
PC: John Price

Ice Climbing is much different than Rock climbing in that one does not need to be particularly strong in order to climb water fall ice at a reasonably high level. A rock climber who can follow 5.9 can easily learn to follow Water Ice 5 in a few days. Similarly guests who can follow 5.7 are usually enjoying Water Ice 3 within a few hours. Colorado Mountain School Ice Climbing courses offer the opportunity to learn and hone all of the ice climbing techniques, allowing the climber to accelerate their Ice Climbing goals at a much faster rate.

Climb Waterfall Ice in the Canadian Rockies.
PC: John Price

Ice climbing is a fundamental skill to Alpinism. If you have dreamed of becoming and Alpinist or improving upon your Alpine Climbing skills there is no better place in the world to do it than the Canadian Rockies.

Whether its your first time and you want to take a into to ice climbing course or you are a seasoned ice climber and you are looking for a solid partner to swap leads on classic such as Sniveling Gully (WI3, 250 Meters), Professor Falls (WI 4, 350 Meters), Polar Circus (WI 5, 700 Meters), Nemesis (WI 6 250 Meters), The Weeping Wall (WI 4-5+, 240 Meters) or the Weeping Pillar (WI 5+ 500 Meters).  The Canadian Rockies also have excellent single pitch ice and mixed climbing to hone your skills in one of our courses or custom outings. These areas have dozens of routes to choose from with incredible access. 

 Our Canadian Rockies Guide:

Rob Smith is the guide for our Canadian Rockies Ice and Mixed Climbing programs. Rob is certified by the American Mountain Guides Association as a certified: Alpine, Rock and Ski Guide. Additionally Rob is very active in the disciplines of: Ice and Mixed climbing as well as Alpinism. 

Course Details


Canadian Rockies courses and custom trips are held in the world best ice climbing destinations. The Canadian Rockies offer the best and most reliable ice climbing conditions in the world.

Learn all about ice-climbing in this introductory course. You’ll climb a lot, for in this sport more than most, practice makes perfect and practice keeps you warm!

Skills covered on the Intro course include:

  • Techniques for climbing, belaying and rappelling on ice
  • Developing a natural and efficient swing with ice tools
  • Developing an accurate and efficient kick
  • How to stay warm and comfortable!
  • Proper equipment selection

Skill covered on the Intermediate/Advanced Course include:

  • Learn to use your skeleton more and your muscles less
  • Develop the ability to find rests and relax on the steepest ice
  • Learn techniques to avoid over-gripping – the source of the pump
  • Practice the art of swinging less and climbing more
  • Learn how rock climbing skills translate to more fluid and efficient movement on ice
  • Climb a lot and get expert feedback


Ability to hike ~1 mile in snowshoes


8:00am - 4:00pm


2 Days | Custom Outings Dependent upon: Location, Conditions and Client Skills.

Maximum Ratio:

Intro Courses 5:1 | Intermediate/Advanced Courses 2:1

Minimum Age:

Please call to register participants under 18 years of age

Price includes & Excludes:

Certified Mountain Guide. Price Excludes: Driving and Rental Fees.

Meeting location:

We base our Rockies ice climbing programs out of Canmore, Alberta which is in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

Meet at: 1702 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 1N5, Canada. This is a coffee shop that opens at 6AM and it is next to the gear rental store.


The Canadian Rockies are accused through the Calgary Airport which conveniently has direct flights from all over the US and other major cities around the world. We then base our Rockies ice climbing programs out of Canmore, Alberta which is in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. (Currently 1 Canadian Dollar equals 0.80 USD)

Equipment List:

Equipment List

Rental Gear: All rental gear is available at a store in Canmore called Gear Up:  Snowshoe and ice skate rentals in Canmore, Alberta


Accommodations vary from a basic hostel such as the Alpine Club of Canada Hostel for $30.00 (CAD) per night ranging all the way up to the  World Famous Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel for $350.00 (CAD) per night. There are dozens of hotels in both Canmore and Banff that average rates of about $200.00 (CAD) per night.


All of our courses can be run as custom outings.  If you're interested in a course, but it doesn't fit into your schedule, please check out our custom guiding options.