Film & Entertainment Rigging

Videographer films a rock climber in Eldorado Canyon, near Boulder Colorado. Colorado Mountain School Guide stands back after safely rigging technical rope systems for the film shoot. Colorado Mountain School provides mountain safety and climbing specialty services to the film industry.  We have has been a leader in mountain guiding and instruction since 1981.  We are the largest year round guiding service in Colorado that exclusively uses certified guides.

Colorado Mountain School site safety specialists and guides have worked on many productions, commercials, features.

Our Guides and riggers working for CMS hold extensive certification through the American Mountain Guide Association. They are internationally recognized professionals and renowned mountain safety experts with extensive experience in the film industry and rigging world. Many of our guides have worked for Yosemite and Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue teams and are members of American Mountain Guides Association instructor team.

High rope maintenance member makes repairs to the roof at Denver International Airport under the close supervision of Colorado Mountain School Guide. CMS Guides often assist with industrial, film and entertainment rigging services.Services:
Colorado Mountain School draws from an extensive pool of talented individuals who are industry experts in mountain safety. Our guides have experience with feature films and small productions, and are flexible and creative in order to bring you the safety and quality required for your production.

Mountain Safety Consulting:
We provide overall safety for your production in high angle terrain. A Colorado Mountain School Mountain Safety leader will coordinate a safety crew in order to keep the film crew and talent be as safe and protected as possible. While still maximizing efficiency and maintaining challenging production timelines.

Mountain Safety:
Colorado Mountain School staff and guides will work with crew and talent in order to safeguard your production. This includes assessing mountain terrain, avalanche risk assessment, rigging and anchor management and fall protection.

Technical Consulting and Locations Scouting:
We will provide climbers and mountain experts to give you the reality and technical expertise required for the knowledgeable viewer of your production. We work with local location scouts and production companies to enable stunning locations with ease of production set up. We are the local experts for locations from Moab, Utah to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Climbing Talent:
Our guides are full time professional climbers and outdoor sports enthusiasts this is what they do for a living. They have extensive experience in front of the camera in variety of locations and conditions.

Internationally Certified Mountain Guide, Mike Lewis, rigging a technical rope system for a video production company in Eldorado Canyon - just outside of Denver, ColoradoRigging:
We can provide a broad range of rigging for climbing scenes. Colorado Mountain School has the local knowledge of terrain to maximize your productions potential and efficiency.

Mountain Skill Training Camp:
Many years of experience teaching in the mountains allows us to provide applied training for actors so that they may portray credible mountaineers or climbers. This also ensures that actors and crew may safely operate in mountainous terrain. We can custom build a climbing progression for your talent or film crew. To help insure safety and authenticity of your production.

Our Guides:
Colorado Mountain School guides are certified by the American Mountain Guide Association which is highly regarded and internationally recognized by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations. All of our guides hold Wilderness First Responder medical training or greater certification. Many of our crew have extensive training and experience in Rigging for Rescue and Search and Rescue.

Guides have comprehensive rigging expertise and their focus is on risk management, mitigating risk. We have a positive attitude, yet our goal is to support a successful and safe production. Our guides thrive on challenging conditions and timelines with a team first mentality.  We are the local mountain experts.

Colorado Mountain School has successfully completed rigging projects with:

Dateline NBC
Running Wild with Bear Grylls
Outside TV
Skiing Magazine
Denver International Airport
Rock the Park
Louder Than Eleven
Seeds Marketing

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*Colorado Mountain School offers custom rigging under special use permits from Eldorado Canyon State Park, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, Rocky Mountain National Park, Jefferson County Open Space and more.