Mad Sensei Performance Camp

Mental Fitness for Advancing Your Climbing

Video by Henna Taylor

The Mad Sensei Trad Camp is designed for the experienced climber dedicated to meeting their performance edge, Madaleine Sorkin and Justen Sjong (see bios) bring you these multi-day Mental Fitness Camps.  The instruction on this trad camp focuses on gaining confidence in your redpoint and onsight ability.

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Rock climbing coach Justen Sjong discusses climbing beta with a student on a climbing course.


  • Gain experience performing at your edge of comfort.
  • Apply redpointing and onsighting coaching tips.
  • Gain confidence in your ability with a supportive and professional environment.
  • Make a stronger connection to your climbing partner and express your needs.
  • Practice appropriate responses to challenging situations and behaviors that help you to climb more playfully and with positive mental energy.
  • Express your personality on the wall and embody a more balanced climbing style (e.g. masculine/ feminine).
  • Get to know your superpower! We will cover the pro’s and con’s of each superpower.
  • Learn how best to use the climbing gym and make each trip outside lead you in a direction of growth.
  • Learn to train with a more holistic approach than simply gaining physical strength.

Course Details


Participants should be experienced trad climbers interested in pushing their redpoint and onsight abilities.

Not sure if these camps are right for you? Please call the CMS office at 800-836-4008 or contact Madaleine directly!


3 Days 1 Evening

Maximum Ratio:


Minimum Age:

Please call to register participants under 18

Price includes & Excludes:

Price Includes:  Individualized instruction with Certified AMGA Rock Guide Madaleine Sorkin and nationally recognized Climbing Coach Justen Sjong, instructional presentations and slideshows, and lots of time applying skills on the rock.

Each participant will receive a free CAMP harness and carabiner rack pack.

Price Excludes:  Food, water and lodging; participants will be driving/carpooling to crag each day.

Meeting location:

Neptune Mountaineering
633 S Broadway St.
Boulder, CO 80305
(Boulder Location Only)


Madaleine Sorkin

Madaleine is an elite big wall free climber inspired to continually engage her next big wall and coach climbers to meet theirs. She has established difficult free climbs from California to Kyrgyzstan, redpointing traditional routes at 5.13+ on 35-pitch routes on El Capitan in Yosemite and the Diamond of Longs Peak, Colorado at 14,000 feet. Looking back at any achievement or failure, Madaleine sees her ability to stay committed to a climb as linked to her ability to attend to her emotional and physical body and select appropriate responses to each arising challenge. Madaleine is a certified Rock Guide through the American Mountain Guides Association.  Follow Mad's adventures at

Justen Sjong

Justen Sjong on The Free Muir 5.13c El Capitan, Yosemtie NP CAFrom establishing the “hardest free big wall” in the world to coaching some of the most successful climbers of their time, Justen Sjong has made his mark in the sport of climbing over the past 25 years of his career. Dubbed ‘The Sensei’ by Climbing Magazine in 2006, Justen continues to help athletes from around the world push their limits. While others seem to approach climbing training with only physical strength in mind, Justen specializes in a holistic approach to seeing performance improvements. From evaluating movement through video analysis and in-person sessions to providing laser-focused training plans that focus on specific skill weaknesses, Justen firmly believes in addressing the entire spectrum of climbing performance: Strength, Mind, and Skill. Justen’s approach isn’t for the faint-hearted. Climbing Sensei coaching programs are geared towards advanced and elite climbers alike looking to realize the impossible in their respective discipline.  Learn more about what The Sensei has done and can do for you at

Equipment List:

Required Equipment

  • Harness, helmet, rock shoes, chalk bag, belay device
  • Double-length runner, locking carabiners, etc!
  • Backpack (35 liters or more)
  • Appropriate Clothing (Spring temps which can be warm, cool & wet all in a single day.)
  • Food & 2L Water for the day.
  • Notebook, pen or pen, iPad (Optional - Can record and analyze your performance)
  • Rack (ideally, double set), extendable slings and quickdraws

Sample Itinerary:

Boulder Trad Climbing Camp

Thursday, May 3:  5 PM - 8 PM:  BRC Session; meet & greet, climbing
Friday, May 4:  8 AM - 5 PM:  Interactive presentation by Justen, outdoor climbing
Saturday, May 5:  8 AM - 5 PM:  Outdoor climbing
Sunday, May 6:  8 AM - 4 PM:  Outdoor climbing

Rifle Sport Climbing Camp

Friday, September 21:  8 AM - 5 PM:  Interactive presentation by Justen, climbing
Saturday, September 22:  8 AM - 5 PM:  Outdoor climbing
Sunday, September 23:  8 AM - 4 PM:  Outdoor climbing

Red Rocks Trad Camp

Thursday, October 18:  5 PM - 8 PM:  Meet & greet, climbing
Friday, October 19:  8 AM - 5 PM:  Interactive presentation by Justen, climbing
Saturday, October 20:  8 AM - 5 PM:  Outdoor climbing
Sunday, October 21:  8 AM - 4 PM:  Outdoor climbing


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All participants are required to complete the following two Google Forms at the time of registration. This information will help us meet athlete's goals throughout each camp.

Athlete Information
Expectation Form