Rogers Pass, British Columbia, Canada

Rogers Pass, Backcountry Skiing

Rogers Pass has become a legendary destination for backcountry skiers. And for good reason: located in the heart of Canada’s Glacier National Park, the average annual snowfall is close to 400 inches, and the accessible terrain includes ski summits, alpine bowls, glades, and glaciers. Single ski runs can extend in excess of 3000 vertical feet! All ski destinations require travel in avalanche terrain and most require travel in complex, glaciated terrain as well. In other words, this is the perfect trip for advanced skiers to hire an AMGA Certified Ski Guide to get the most out of your time on the Pass!

This backcountry skiing adventure begins and ends in Golden, British Columbia, Canada. The nearest major airport is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Rental cars are available at the airport or clients may choose to take the bus from the airport. Travel time by car from the Calgary International Airport to Golden is approximately three hours via the scenic Trans-Canada Highway. Lodging for the trip is provided at the Kicking Horse River Lodge. Transportation will be provided from the Lodge to each day’s skiing destination.

Rogers Pass Backcountry Skiing

Course Details



8 days

Price includes & Excludes:

AMGA Certified Ski Mountaineering Guide, permits, lodging, and transportation to and from each day's ski site.

Meeting location:

Golden, British Columbia, Canada


Because of the nature of the terrain, we ask that clients meet a minimum level of both fitness and skiing ability. The terrain is steep, rugged, and has natural hazards that must be navigated. Individuals are always welcome to take one or more rest days.

Clients must be:

  • In good health and in very good physical shape
  • Able to climb (skin) a minimum of 4000 vertical feet per day for up to 6 consecutive days
  • Able to link a minimum of 30 short-radius turns in the fall-line, in deep snow conditions, while wearing a 15 pound day-pack
  • Able to ski in control in challenging snow conditions.

Rogers Pass

Equipment List:

This expedition starts and ends in Golden, British Colombia, CA. Flights are available to Calgary and transportation can be arranged to Golden. Lodging is provided in Golden, close to restaurants and other amenities. Transportation is provided to each day’s site. For more information on logistics and planning your arrival in Golden please contact the Expedition Manager.

Clients are responsible for supplying their own personal clothing and equipment, including standard avalanche safety gear. An Alpine Touring (AT) setup with wide skis and "tech" style bindings (e.g. Dynafit) is preferred; though a telemark setup that includes a "tour mode" would also suffice. Climbing skins should cover the full width and length of the ski and include tip and tail attachments. A detailed equipment list will be provided upon request or booking.

Skiing at Rogers Pass

Sample Itinerary:

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at the Kicking Horse Lodge, Rogers Pass, BC

Day 2: Review rescue and technical skills, backcountry ski tour

Day 3: Backcountry ski tour

Day 4: Backcountry ski tour

Day 5: Backcountry ski tour

Day 6: Backcountry ski tour

Day 7: Backcountry ski tour

Day 8: Depart and head for home

Please note: This schedule is subject to change at the guide's discretion due to unforeseen difficulties such as weather, illness, road conditions, avalanche hazard, etc.

Ski Touring at Rogers Pass


Expedition Cancellation Policy:

  •      A non-refundable $250 application fee will not be refunded from your initial deposit.
  •      100% (minus application fee) will be refunded 121 days prior to trip start.
  •      50% (minus application fee) will be refunded 91 to 120 days before trip start.
  •      25% (minus application fee) will be refunded 46 to 90 days before trip start.
  •      0% will be refunded 0 to 45 days before trip start.