AMGA Training

AMGA certification is often required to instruct at many climbing areas across the U.S., and having AMGA certified guides on staff is often required for a guide service to obtain liability insurance or terrain access.  Colorado Mountain School has more guides certified at international levels and more AMGA trainers on staff than any other guide service in Colorado.

The primary focus of our guide training courses is to balance effective risk management with maximal client and student rewards.  Courses focus on both technical an non-technical skills, learning to apply the appropriate techniques in various circumstances, and developing the ability to seamlessly change from one technique to another.


AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course

AMGA SPI Course The AMGA Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Course teaches climbers and aspiring climbing instructors to proficiently facilitate and instruct the sport of rock climbing in a single pitch setting.  It was developed to fit in the AMGA Rock…

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Exam

AMGA SPI Exam Gaining certification through an AMGA SPI Exam is a great first step into the world of mountain guiding.  More companies, institutions, and agencies are requiring that their instructors have some American Mountain Guide Association training and certification.  …

AMGA SPI Exam Prep

The SPI Exam Prep course will help to prepare you for the AMGA SPI Exam here at Colorado Mountain School, or any other AMGA SPI Exam provider. Gaining certification through an AMGA SPI Exam is a great first step into the…