Ice Climbing


Intro to Ice Climbing

Our Introduction to Ice Climbing Course is the perfect one-day introductory course covering all the basics of ice climbing.  Our highly trained guides will lead the group to one of the many great ice climbing venues we have to offer….

Vertical Ice Climbing

Our vertical ice climbing course is perfect if you just took our intro to ice climbing course or if you have years of experience and just need a tune up on your technique.  Our guides will get you on the…

Mixed Climbing

Mixed climbing is ascending ice and rock, using techniques from both disciplines and inventing a few new ones. On this one-day course, you’ll learn techniques to move smoothly and confidently on rock with boots, ice tools, and crampons.  This course…

Leading Ice

Our two-day Leading Ice course teaches you techniques to become a solid leader on water ice.  This course is based out of beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.  We start with a thorough review of ice protection and anchors and…