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Dynafit TLT Radical FT12

I have a bunch of days now on the latest version of the Dynafit TLT Radical FT12 binding. This alpine touring ski binding has proven to be the best performing binding for the backcountry that I’ve skied to date.

Dynafit TLT Radical Binding

Without going into all the details of the Dynafit binding system, which has many benefits over heavier, clunkier (and louder) systems that I have skied or binding systems with freezing problems that skiing companions have used, I will say that Dynafit made some improvements to this version which I really appreciate.

First, the heel lifter system has been completely redone and is now a breeze to use. Instead of rotating the rear binding you now need only flip forward one or both of the riser pieces (depending on how high a rise you require) with a quick flick of the ski pole. This is quicker and easier than the previous system and can be done without any learning curve.

Dynafit has also added a tab to the front binding piece to make entering the bindings easier. They call it a quick step in feature and it acts as a stop for your boot when clicking into the toe piece, making this action quicker and easier, especially for those new to “tech” bindings.

Finally, this binding comes with a carbon fiber plate which runs between the toe and heel pieces which features a lock mechanism. Unlocked, the ski maintains its natural flex, while in the lock position the ski stiffens up while increasing the torsional rigidity of the binding. This type of adjustability in the binding is something entirely new.

With a DIN of up to 12 these bindings are not only super light and efficient on the skin track, they drive a big ski on steep terrain on the downs. I have skied these on 110mm

Dynafit TLT Radical Binding

underfoot skis in a variety of snow conditions and they were rock solid. I ski inbounds with these bindings as well and whether in the steep trees,  making hero GS turns on the corduroy or moderately pounding some bumps, they have performed reliably and been bombproof. I have even chucked my much battered body off numerous terrain park features while attempting to keep up with 8 and 10 year old rippers. The bindings handled even the terrain park admirably, though I admit I don’t fly as high as the kids.

Check out these improved bindings from Dynafit; the best just got better.

Mark Hammond, Head Guide
Colorado Mountain School

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