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We are more than a collective of guides. We’re a family of top-notch educators, mentors and customer-experience pros who care about our clients, staff, community and environment. We’re down to earth, fun-loving and welcoming, while being dedicated, ambitious and professional. If this sounds like you and you wholeheartedly embody our Mission and Values, let’s keep talking.

Minimum Guide Application Requirements

Successful completion of the first level AMGA courses in the disciplines in which you desire to guide.

Diverse Personal Resume of Climbing and Skiing

80 Hour Wilderness First Responder

If you meet the aforementioned criteria, please submit a cover letter, personal resume, personal skiing/climbing resume and guiding resume to  Resumes should be in spreadsheet format. Please include and format all above materials in a single PDF document.

To ignite passionate living through mountain education and advneture.

We Believe in Challenge & Adventure.
The mountains are forces for change. Adventure, challenge, fun, and humble awe remind us how alive and connected we are to the natural world.

We Believe in Community.
The mountains unite us. Our passion for exploring and learning is the foundation for trust,
teamwork, and lifelong friendships.

We Believe in the Environment.
The mountains deserve our care. Alpine terrain is both magnificent and fragile. As mindful
visitors, we treasure and care for our world’s spectacular landscapes.

We Believe in Professionalism.
The mountains command reverence. At times it’s sunny and warm; other times nature is
unforgiving. With this in mind, we hire only the most respected and qualified professionals as guides, educators, and mentors.

We Believe in Quality of Life.
The mountains reward us in many ways. We continue that tradition by ensuring our family of customers, guides, and staff are generously supported and cared for. Strengthened by happy and fit climbers and skiers, we are constantly forging a purpose-driven company that will evolve and endure for generations to come.


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