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Guide Gear Review – Dynafit Huascaran Set Up

MS Huascaran

Dynafit Huascaran Set up Gear Review – by Russell Hunter

My name is Russell and I work full-time as a Senior Mountain Guide for the Colorado Mountain School. This year Dynafit became our official ski, binding, and skin sponsor. As a result I have been cruising around Rocky Mountain National Park on their gear. When asked which Dynafit product I wanted to write a review for, I realized it was the whole package that I liked so much. I am writing this review for my new Huascaran Skis, Radical ST bindings and the Huascaran Speedskins.

MS Huascaran

First off, I love the Huascarans in all conditions. In powder, the width (115 underfoot) allows easy floatation on the softest of new snow. When the wind has hammered the snow my skis are still easy to control. I have the longest ski (196) Dynafit makes, and the weight still feels minimal as I am skinning or hiking up hill.

Huscaran 2

Dynafit has custom fit skins for each of their skis. This means no more tedious cutting of skins beforehand. All I had to do was open the box and slap the skins on my skis, so easy! I feel as thoughthe adhesive is perfect. It sticks great to my skis but doesn’t require phone book ripping strength to separate them when folded in half. This allows for smooth transitions and less energy expenditure.


My bindings are the Radical ST and I really like them for their minimal weight and the Speed Step climbing bar. While ascending steep skin tracks I can easily use my ski pole to raise my heels due to the Speed Step climbing bar. I love having a brake for resort skiing and preventing my ski from rocketing down a backcountry run while I transition. I have been skiing with Dynafit bindings for six years now. When I first bought Dynafit bindings, people said they were not as durable and would be difficult clicking my boots into them. I have never had a problem with either of these concerns. I have found Dynafit bindings to be reliable and easy to use. I believe I am skiing on the best set up possible, which in my line of work is crucial.


I want to thank Dynafit for helping me have the best gear on the market. I really feel confident that my current set up is one of lightest, smoothest and easiest to use. My skis work in all conditions, both on the uphill and the down. This is a perfect backcountry set up. I feel good recommending Dynafit to all of my clients because I honestly love my setup. Thanks Dynafit for making such awesome products!

Russell Hunter
CMS Senior Guide
Certified Rock Instructor

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