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Wesley Calkins hails from the rolling hills of North Carolina. It was here that his climbing career started and where he earned his southern charm. Wes’ adventures have led him to various places nationally and internationally including The Bugaboos, Chamonix, Cogne Italy, New England, and all over the Southeastern US.

Wes is passionate about teaching AMGA SPI programs and helping younger guides develop their skills while also learning about guiding culture. During the process of becoming a SPI provider Wes really had to up his teaching skills in order to answer the nuanced questions that fellow instructors brought to these training courses. Wes is always striving to improve his technical skills to stay ahead of the curve on this front.

Wes moved to Colorado in 2016 to be closer to larger alpine objectives like those found in Rocky Mountain National Park and throughout the American West. From teaching highly technical skills on the ground, to climbing long routes in RMNP, Eldorado Canyon, or The Flatirons, Wes is eager to help climbers achieve their goals.