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Fundamental Mountain Skills: Prep for Your Summer Adventures

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Long summer nights call for long adventures in the mountains. And new for this summer, we have launched several Fundamental Mountain Skills programs to help you get started. Consider these mini-backpacking trips led by expert adventurers eager to share their wisdom about Colorado’s backcountry. 

Our professional guides will provide you with extensive knowledge in the following areas depending on the program you select:

  • Wilderness exploration
  • Campcraft or camping techniques
  • Backpacking and hiking techniques
  • Wilderness survival
  • Leadership and outdoor communication skills
  • How to Navigate or embark on trips of your own

So whether you’re new to outdoor adventuring or looking to master what you already know, our courses are sure to level up your backcountry adventures. 

Our Hiking, Hiking and Camping, and Backpacking Development Series Programs in the month of August are 25% off if you use the Coupon Code: BACKPACK25

And remember, bring a partner(s) and everyone gets an additional 15% off! 


Our two-day Hiking Program is perfect for the newer adventurer looking for a quick yet comprehensive escape to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. It’s great for the couple planning their first family road trip in Colorado, or for the newer mountain enthusiasts who aren’t sure where to start.

Expert guides will teach you the joys and fundamentals of planning trips, exploring natural landscapes, hiking, safety, and preparedness. Sharing home-cooked meals and breathtaking views between beautiful day hikes in the mountains.

You’ll leave this extensive introduction with a sturdy confidence to plan weekend getaways and hiking trips on your own. 

See a sample itinerary here.

Price: $849.00

Duration: 2 Days, 1 Night

Basecamp: The new Colorado Mountain School Seven Utes Yurt is located at wild and peaceful Cameron Pass in State Forest State Park!  


Planning a backpacking adventure with a group of friends in the Wind River Range? Or taking your kids for a week of camping in Colorado? Our five-day Hiking & Camping Program is a thorough initiation into hiking and group travel skills, campcraft fundamentals, and safety and preparedness. 

Learn and apply backcountry touring skills near Lake Agnes or the American Lakes, and camping essentials like food storage, water filtration, and staying cool when the summer heat hits. 

Practicing technical camping skills while getting immersed in stunning wildlife offers the perfect balance to an awesome outdoor adventure.

As a result of this training, you will be better prepared to face the challenges and rewards of mountain life. You’ll be able to confidently plan short day trips into the mountains in addition to overnight camping excursions, so you can confidently camp with friends and family or solo under the stars. 

Meet our guides!

Price: $2,249.00

Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights

hiking camping


Dive deeper into your passion for the outdoors with our new Backpacking Development Series!

Backpacking Development Series: Level 1 introduces you to fundamental backpacking skills that will empower you to plan and enjoy your own backcountry camping trips confidently with personal coaching from our guides, flexible online lessons, and two mountain excursions.

Learn fundamental backpacking, camping, and mountain safety skills during 1 month of online curriculum and coaching designed for working professionals and adventurers with busy schedules. Work around your schedule to learn fundamental mountain skills while investing in the support of mentorship and coaching from our expert guides in order to achieve bigger goals!

Then put the curriculum to practice during immersive excursions at Cameron Pass in Colorado’s rugged Rocky Mountains, building your mountain physical fitness while developing an introspective and adventuresome character through camping, backpacking, and hiking. 

This program is perfect for a solo traveler that wants to hike the PCT or Continental Divide, the soul-searching traveler, or anyone who wants to level-up their knowledge while deepening a personal connection to nature.

Price: $4,749.00

Duration: 1 month of online curriculum & coaching, two 5-Day excursions

Find the curriculum details here

Join the Colorado Mountain School staff and guides

The Team at Colorado Mountain School


Adventurers wanting to sharpen their skills to confidently lead the way will thrive in Level 2 of our Backpacking Development Series.

Backpacking Development Series: Level 2 offers online curriculum on mountain environment & weather, safety techniques & risk management, communication, leadership & partnership, mountain geology, and more advanced navigation and physical fitness techniques. Weekly coaching provides personalized feedback to help reach goals and embrace leadership roles in future pursuits both in and out of the mountains.

Like Level 1, we refine your backpacking and camping expertise while building a profound relationship with nature, in addition to an emphasis in teamwork, leadership, risk management, and navigation techniques.

Three 5-day mountain excursions for a total of 15 guided field days in the Rocky Mountains give you an abundance of opportunities to practice your skills, challenge your edges, and become a comfortable and confident leader and explorer. 

You will leave with a deep reverence for nature and tools to safely navigate the mountain environment, ready to open the door to many further outdoor adventures. 

Backpacking Development Series: Level 2

Price: $6,949.00

Duration: 2 months of online curriculum & coaching, three 5-Day excursions

Learn more about additional adventures offered at CMS, like guided rock climbing, ice climbing, and backcountry skiing.

The Seven Utes Yurt at Cameron Pass.


All Fundamental Mountain Skills excursions begin at the comfortable and beautiful new Colorado Mountain School Seven Utes Yurt located at wild and peaceful Cameron Pass in State Forest State Park!  

World-class hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, wildlife photography, mountain biking, and incredible backcountry skiing in the winter/spring. All of these activities are literally out the yurt’s backdoor!

You will stay in premium style in the heart of the mountains, and we also take care of providing all the food for your meals!

Not sure which program is right for you? Drop us a line and let us help you plan your adventure!

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