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La Sportiva Mythos, My Go-To Shoe…

Rock climber with leopard pants in the desert

My feet are very precious to me, especially when I was working in the field as a backpacking and climbing instructor.  They were the means to my paycheck.  If I couldn’t walk or climb, I wouldn’t get paid.

I believe I have relatively normal feet… with the exception that when I paint my toenails, people tell me I have cute feet.  With thinking I had normal feet, I thought any old pair of rock climbing shoes would do.  Well, I was wrong.  With high arches and a fussy Achilles tendon that doesn’t like to get pushed on, I knew I needed to find a special pair of shoes.  That pair of shoes is the La Sportiva Mythos.  When I wear my Mythos, they make me feel like a superhero.


Feeling like a superhero when I wear my Mythos.  Easter Island, Indian Creek


As soon as I put them on, I knew they were right for me.  Kind of like Cinderella and her glass slippers.  My feet slipped right in and sighed, “Ah!”  The full lace up design is very beneficial for me; with proper adjustment, the sole of the shoe fits the curve of my high arches perfectly.  The laces wrap around back and have proven to adjust to my Achilles well.  The low cut design on the back of the shoe is perfect.  Not too high, not too tight.  Just right.
Mythos are great for bouldering in Moab, Utah.
My Mythos are my go-to shoe because of the way they fit my feet and because they are the most  comfortable all day shoe, EVER.  Most folks relate comfortable shoes to not edging very well, not climbing cracks well, not doing anything well.  In my opinion, they edge well, climb cracks well, and even wear a light liner sock well on the chilly days.  When hanging out at a belay station and my climbing partners take their stinky shoes off, I have to smirk.  A) My feet don’t stink as bad as theirs, and B)  My feet don’t hurt!  I can enjoy my eating chocolate with my shoes on while they are making noises of relief once they get their shoes off.
Wearing liner socks on a chilly day while climbing Riddler’s Delight in Zion.
From the granite of Yosemite, the sandstone of Desert Towers, the Basalt of Devil’s Tower, to the limestone of El Potrero Chico, Mexico, Mythos handle all rock types well.  I highly recommend the Mythos to anyone and everyone!
Wearing Mythos all the way to the top of Devil’s Tower, WY.

Check out La Sportiva to learn more about their climbing shoes!

Katy Pfannenstein
Colorado Mountain School
1-800-836-4008 ext 3

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