Revo Bearing Sunglasses

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Hey there,

It’s Colorado Mountain School Senior Guide Joey Thompson here to talk to you about my favorite sunglasses – Revo Bearings.   Revo’s High Contrast Polarization blocks glare while maintaining clear optics while I am working in the high alpine environment.  The Bearing’s Motion-Fit frames are designed with a wide field of vision and provide a great fit when rock, alpine climbing and ski mountaineering with our guests at the Colorado Mountain School.  I chose the Bronze Bearings because of their clean and clear vision and color. I wear them every day for their comfort and glare blocking properties
whether on rock, ice or snow.  Thanks Revo, see you in the mountains!

Joseph Thompson

Colorado Mountain School
Senior Guide

AIARE Level 1 Instructor
AMGA Rock Guide
AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program Provider

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