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Cameron Pass divides the Medicine Bow Mountains to the North and the Never Summer Range to the South. The Medicine Bow and Never Summer Mountains were formed millions of years ago as volcanic magma created a sedimentary deposit in an ancient ocean basin.  The majestic vertical forms known as the Nokhu Crags emerged after millions of years of erosion and glaciation. The name Nokhu comes from the Arapaho word, Neaha-no-xhu, meaning Eagle’s Nest.

State Forest State Park was established in 1970. The park is 71,000 acres of rugged wilderness brandishing vast pine forests, jagged mountain peaks, and pristine alpine lakes.  Wildlife is abundant on Cameron Pass and State Forest State Park is known as the moose viewing capital of Colorado.  Cameron Pass is a hidden treasure, known for its steep terrain and consistent snow by backcountry skiers and mountaineers.

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