Spring Skiing in RMNP… I love it!

I skied Dragon Tail Couloir (DTC) this morning along with one of my coworkers, Andrew Councell, and my husband who wanted to get some skiing in before going to work. For a change, we decided to drop in from the top. Thanks to the previous storm, we were able to skin all the way up on Flattop Mountain. I love it when we don’t need to carry our skis!

We rappelled down one rope length from the top where the rock is exposed, and started skiing. At the top, we had soft snow to kick around on top of bullet hard snow underneath but amazingly it was not icy at all. As we skied down, the snow became softer and softer. It was very fun skiing. DTC is a beautiful line for both climbing and skiing, and the spring is the best time to do so.

The view from the top was amazing.  It was great to get out with my coworker and lovely husband.  We all had a blast.  Although the day made my husband late for work… It was worth it.  Just don’t tell his boss.

I’d love to get out again this season.  If you have any interest, please contact me or the office.  Hopefully we can set something up and get some turns in together.

-Norie Kizaki
Colorado Mountain School Guide

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  1. That was extreme! Skiing before work is definitely a good way to jumpstart the day and improve your health. For one, the thrill you get from skiing elevates your heart rate which enhances blood circulation and in turn can strengthen your cardiovascular system.

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