Avalanche Training

Our Avalanche Safety Training courses are action-packed, combining classroom and field instruction to provide participants with a solid introduction to avalanche awareness and travel skills.

Learn Skills

Who else wants to learn the skills to become a confident and dependable partner so that you can just relax and enjoy playing in the mountains? Join a course on Backcountry Skiing, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering, and Avalanche Safety.

Hire a Guide

Want to get out privately or with your group? Book a guide for a custom course or climb.


The mountains have a profound ability to make us feel alive. Colorado Mountain School exists to share the power of the mountains with adventurers who want to learn and explore. Our family of climbing and skiing professionals is dedicated to mountain experiences that are educational, fun, challenging, and life-changing at times.

What Sets Us Apart?

Colorado Mountain School was founded in Estes Park, Colorado in 1981. Since then we’ve built a reputation on tens of thousands of days skiing, climbing, mountaineering, and teaching in our backyard and across the globe in other world-class mountain ranges.


At Colorado Mountain School, we are incredibly fortunate to live and work in some of the most beautiful and delicate settings in the country.  We strive to make a lasting impact to preserve the beauty and integrity of our natural surroundings.  

Our Guides

Colorado Mountain School is accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association and employs professional mountain guides and educators that are trained and certified by the AMGA and are eager to share their experience in the mountains with you.